In the early eighties my parents fled their home country in search of opportunities. Twenty years ago my parents chose Mableton, Georgia as the best city to raise their family. A little over two decades later, I myself made the decision to stay in Mableton as a homeowner, a wife and a mother. Throughout my experience at the Capitol for the past 10 years, I know firsthand that working together we can fund our schools equitably, establish economic developments in our communities, and ensure access to improve overall quality of life. I believe that Georgia thrives when we create opportunities for all Georgians to succeed. I am invested in the growth and development of District 39, not only for my family but for all Georgia families.

With your vote, I will provide responsive, accessible, and transparent leadership for House District 39. I would be honored and humbled to serve you and your family as your next State Representative.


-Tamarre T. Pierre