As a mother, I understand the need to strengthen our public schools, ensuring that all children receive quality education that best serves them. As a graduate of South Cobb High School and an educator, I will fight to invest funds in our teachers in an effort to retain and recruit qualified educators throughout the state.  

Economic Development

I plan to develop economic growth, vibrancy, and stability for our neighborhoods, and cultivating a climate for ongoing fiscal strength for all residents, families, and businesses throughout our district. It is important that we support working class families by increasing Georgia’s minimum wage to meet the rising cost of living standards today. This will ensure all Georgians will begin to access a quality way of life.

Voting Rights

Since 2020 there has been an increased effort to make voting more difficult. I have fought against SB 202, that would restrict the rights of voters in District 39. These efforts threaten our rights and our voices to be heard and it cripples our democracy. It is critical that we elect leaders who will fight to protect our right to vote and ensure our voices are heard. I want to be that leader for you.